Koloa Landing

Above the sea or below, Kauai is a magical paradise teaming with beauty, almost beyond one’s imagination. Koloa Landing is a nondescript worn 8-foot-wide cement girded boat ramp. This ramp has been launching small watercraft, for decades. And, as it turns out, fantastic Scuba diving experiences.

Koloa Landing, Kauai
Diving Koloa Landing, Kauai

If you think this picture suggests a poor dive location, you’d be wrong. Way wrong! Diving at Koloa Landing is nothing but world class.

Scuba Diving Preparation

While diving had been a big part of our lives, we hadn’t been on a dive for for some time. In preparation, we took a refresher course in a community pool in our desert home state of Arizona. Next, we needed a well-qualified and patient dive master. We wanted a comfortable, safe and quality location, because this felt like our maiden dive.

Makana O Kauai Scuba Adventures

A trusted Kauai local recommended Scott Bacon. Scott is a dive master and owner of Makana O Kauai Scuba Adventures. Recognizing that there is a three (3) hour time zone difference and even though Scott spends a good portion of his day under water, we still had outstanding communications. He understood our objective and, as a result, worked with us to secure a day that fit our plans. When it looked like the weather might change, he was quick to contact us. He re-arranged his schedule for our party (The weather did change, and we were grateful for the earlier dive).

Scuba diver observing fish.
Enjoying an amazing array of sea life

An Amazing Scuba Dive

So, what made the dive so amazing? Let us count the ways:

  • It began with a fantastic sunny Kauai morning
  • While we arrived early, Scott beat us with good quality dive gear at the ready
  • Following introductions & chit chat, a clear and comprehensive dive plan was presented.
  • Once in the water, we grouped and made an unhurried descent of about 20 feet. We never went below 60 feet through-out the dive.
A turtle swimming freely at Koloa Landing, Kauai
Turtle gliding over the ocean’s floor
  • The surface was calm but below, the sea was teaming with life. There were turtles too numerous to count.
  • The Hawaiian convict tangs were so abundant that one couldn’t see through the school. There were yellow tangs, gorgeous Achilles tangs, a rare dragon eel, leaf fish, trumpet fish and more.
A school of bright yellow and black striped Hawaiian Tangs
School of convict tangs
Dragon eel
Yellow trumpet fish
Blue stripe butterfly fish swimming lazily by.
Blue stripe butterfly fish
  • But, what thrilled us were sighting three (3) octopuses! Incredible.
An octopus hiding between rocks.
Octopus…………look closely.

Scuba Diving Family

We’ve been diving for years. But this was our youngest daughter’s and her husband’s first dive, following their PADI certification. We can’t imagine a better experience, than this one!

Scuba diving as a family
Scuba diving is now a family affair.

Just imagine entering this magical underwater aquarium of adventure, then to emerge to a bright, sunny coconut tree green paradise. See more pictures of sea life at Under The Sea Images.

What an experience, with future dives to follow at: Scott Bacon, Makana O Kauai Scuba Adventures, 808-482-0683, www.kauaiscubaadventures.com & 5 Star TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

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